"online-only" tags

Hi folks, it seems like DT is automatically tagging some items as “online-only”. I didn’t create the tag myself. What does it mean?

Look at Preferences > Files > Import > Tags our Preferences > RSS > Convert hashtags and categories To tags.
Anything enabled?

PS: you should read the blog post on overtagging.

Hi - there was a convert # to tag in the RSS feed section checked, however, I don’t think I am subscribed to any RSS feeds.

Any chance this could have to do with files imported from Dropbox which are not locally stored?

What? It’s possible to OVERtag? But… But… Tags are so cool!

hashtag To :infinity: and beyond!

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Read the post… they’re not always so cool performance-wise. :flushed::wink:

Only if Dropbox or some other process is adding that tag.