Only Have 1 Database, Only Want 1 Inbox

I’ve read the post that you can’t delete database inboxes, and that’s no problem. I’m trying to delete this mystery local database so that when I click the collapsed Global Inbox, files are only ever created in my single, synchronized database.

I only have 1 database open. That database has its own inbox, and it works fine. What I’d like to get rid of (or hide) is the Inbox that’s local and present even when no databases are open. If that can’t be done, how can I take advantage of the many “easy” add item to inbox functions that are putting them in the local Inbox when I never, ever want anything to go in there?

You’re referring to the “Global Inbox”

I also only want/need a single Inbox
- The Global Inbox works well for this
I don’t need an Inbox at the database level

The Global Inbox doesn’t work well for this, because by default (when it’s collapsed), adding an item to the Inbox only places it in my freestanding, local, database-less inbox.

Applets, tools, automations all reference this local inbox. I never want a situation where something I add to the inbox is only on that computer. I don’t see a way to change the order or “default” behavior, either.

Add to inbox → Sync to cloud

Current behavior
Add to inbox → Manually move to my ONE database’s inbox → Sync to cloud

My Global Inbox is sync’d to the cloud / devices

The Global Inbox is a special database DEVONthink comes with. Like DTLow mentioned, you can sync it like every other database over various devices, including ones running DEVONthink To Go. But you can also simply ignore it.

The Inbox folder in the Finder—I guess that’s what you are referring to—is just that: a folder. DEVONthink watches that folder and moves every new item in it into the Global Inbox database.

So there is a number of way to handle your problem, if I got you right:

  • You sync the Global Inbox like every other database and have access to it on every device syncing it too.
  • Or you don’t sync it and create a simple Smart Rule to move every item in the Global Inbox to your database’s inbox (or where ever you want them to be).
  • Or you create a Finder folder with a name of your choice (might even be “Inbox” if that doesn’t confuse you) and put it into the Finder sidebar instead of the one belonging to the Global Inbox. Then you create a Smart Rule to watch that folder and move every item into the Inbox folder of your database (or where ever you want them to be).

Welcome @alextsnet

Many of the automation options are editable.

Also, you can choose Select group in DEVONthink’s ** Preferences > Import > Destination to open the group selector.