Only import files which don't already exist in a database?

I don’t see any particular issue with that approach.

If you force quit DEVONthink, no it shouldn’t try to continue Indexing on relaunch.

Hmmm…I’ve force quit it twice, but both times indexing resumes:

Screen Shot 2021-08-28 at 10.02.00 AM

And yes, each time I verified it really did quit…

At this point, I’ve moved the directory it’s trying to index. That’s generating errors, but it seems to be speeding up the process. I hope it will finish trying to index soon so that I can have DT back :cry:

Fortunately, moving the directory it was indexing significantly sped things up. I’m back in business.

Glad to hear it.

Did you send it directly to me as suggested or to our support address?

@cgrunenberg No. Apologies for the confusion. See the quote below…just when I was preparing to send, it came back and was responsive. Thanks for following up!