only using mobile sync

Would it desrease the stability of a databse to only work out of the mobile sync folder when using the database on a macbook?
Would back ups be still be available if the most recent version of a database that was completely in the mobile sync folder was lost?

Yes, the Mobile Sync folder is just a regular group like any other. But, it was designed for you to sync only parts of database for not overwhelming your device with tons of data.

And I think therein lies the root of my issues with DTTG. If I don’t want something to sync to my device I’ll put it in a separate database. If the data are in my main mobile database I want them all there no matter whether I managed to get the replication correct.

I really hope the improved and promised sync options allow for simple easy sync of entire databases over wifi using bonjour or similar so no cloud option required and no fussing with sync groups and whether I replicated or moved something correctly.

I suspect your usage is an exception to the rule. My own main database is too large to be manageable with DTTG’s limited tools, so I only transport a small part of it. Sometimes, I’ll transport parts of several databases, and I really wouldn’t want all of them to be loaded in their entirety. So I would be just as unhappy with a (default) full sync as you are with a (default) partial sync.


With the 64GB capacity of my iPad, I too would like a full sync option. Or at least the ability to check/uncheck what I would like to include.

Instead of adding more elements to DEVONthink’s user interface we opted for the Mobile Sync groups and replicants. You can do right that but without more check boxes, lists, etc.

Alternative idea:

Tag Not Group to Sync

Surely there’s a more obvious, elegant method than replication to select which items are synched?

Well, we could simply make the “Mobile Sync” group useable as a tag. Then you can do both as replication and tagging are just two sides of the same medal in DEVONthink.

I split my databases. I’m coming to DT from Palm OS and Evernnote primarily as a mobile tool with a desktop function. For the uses where I have massive amounts of data in DT I don’t want to synch it at all so I make a separate database for my larger volume reference stuff.

I just want a simple synch the entire database as a simple checkbox. I never use tags (don’t think like that personally) so a tag of mobile sync is as hard to use as replicants are now.