open a dtp2 file


I set up a document who’s title I do recall, but not it’s location. Searching all databases yields no result. A finder search however does: A file named 1AEE97CF-33D5-4DEF-A224-C6964C5CB27C.dtp2, located in [User Library]/Caches/Metadata/Metadata/DEVONthink Pro 2 /D299ACF0-1350-4029-A342-590EA159537F/19. Clicking this file doesn’t open it. Dragging it onto the app doesn’t either. TextEdit opens it, but shows only code. Why, and what to do?


This is not the file. It is Spotlight metadata about the file.
If you double-click the file, it should open in DEVONthink or prompt you that it’s located in an unopened database.

Hello, thanks, interesting. I didn’t realise that. However, neither does it open in DEVONthink, not does it prompt me in any way. Btw., spotlight sees a document entitled with the name I search for; the icon is that of DEVONthink. In situ it bears the name mentioned above though.

Correct. That is just the bit of Spotlight metadata, the .dtp2 file. Spotlight does not (and cannot) index inside the internals of a DEVONthink database, so cached metadata files are used for Spotlight. (Note, this is a mechanism used by some other applications using similar file structures.)

I see. Now—would you happen to know a way to access the actual file, as the default behaviour, opening or prompting, doesn’t seem to be happening?

No. It would appear there’s something wrong with the metadata file. I would open DEVONthink and search specifically in any open databases (opening any I think may contain the file). Using Tools > Search allows for searching all open databases.