open a record in card view in a sheet?

If I have selected an entire sheet and have a “spreadheet view” of the entire sheet in the second window, is there a way to open a particular record in “card view”?

If I double-click on a line, it just selects the cell I’ve clicked for editing. What I want to do is view the entire line (record) in “card view”.

I want to open a record this way so that I can be viewing the entire sheet when sorted on a column other than just the record names.

You have probably figured it out by now. Choose three-pane view.

Three-pane view doesn’t achieve what I’m after. The extra pane can only be sorted on the name of the records. I want to sort my records in sheet view on any field, and then be able to open into card view any record of interest.

Perhaps the developers could add an item to the context menu that would allow opening the card view of a record when viewing the sheet record lines.