Open a specific note and/or group with x-call back with shortcuts possible?

Hi all

started playing with DTTG and shortcuts and i think its really cool. I wonder if anyone knows if its possible to use the cool URL x-call back with shortcuts to quick open a specific group or folder in DTTG?

for example i tried this


and this


but they don’t seem to work

any example would be fantastic

thx a lot in advance!


Item links and URL commands are not the same thing.

See DEVONthink To Go’s ? > Help > Appendix.

PS: These are URL schemes, not x-callback-urls. An x-callback-url is a type of URL scheme that returns data to the calling application. Just an FYI.

Perfect, that helped me a lot @BLUEFROG

Appreciate it


You’re welcome :slight_smile:

For some reason people seem to mix-up the x-callback protocol with the standard URL scheme.

Not sure if it would make a big difference, but might I suggest changing the Help text in DTTG in such a way that it puts focus on the standard URL scheme, replaces ‘Workflow’ with ‘Shortcuts’ and addresses x-callback in a separate (‘advanced’) section?

(Please disregard this suggestion if such an update was already part of the DTTG roadmap).

Thanks for the suggestions. We will look into those.