Open database by two different user not at the same time?

I have a database Web which is in user personal’s Databases folder. I have another user say work which want to access this Web database, not at the same time. I close the database from the personal’s devonthink and when I open it under work user it opens as readonly as it does not have the read-write permission for the current user. So I add the current user to also have read-write. Now there are two users with the read-write permission. Now I get the “Database seems to be already in use” warning and if I click open, it won’t open. It doesn’t show on the side pane.

So if I remove the personal user and keep the current work user only with the read-write permission, the database opens fine. Is there a way to have both users access to the same database not at the same time without having to change the ownership and permission? I don’t want to create another database and use a sync store as suggested in some other posts. Thanks.

Did you just change this for the database package or also its contents? By the way, where’s the database actually located?

I changed this for the database only. The database is located in /Users/<personal>/Databases/Web.dtBase2.

Quit DEVONthink, remove the .dtBase2 extension, then change the permissions and apply them to the enclosed items (see Finder’s Info panel) and finally add the extension again. Does this work?

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Yes that worked! Thank you very much.