Open database: groups and objects missing

Hi there,

when opening my database “Home”, it seems it is empty, because no groups and no items are displayed anymore. But in the properties there are still shown 3 groups. So where are my data? The database is stored on my NAS - please help?!

What does a verification of the database return (see File > Verify & Repair Database…)? Please do not try to repair it yet.

It’s not recommended to store databases on network volumes, especially in case of a WiFi connection due to the reduced performance and reliability.

there were no complications, everything seems to be normal.

is it possible to recover it from iCloud?

The verification does not report any issues, not even missing files?

Yes that’s right

This sounds like a brand new database actually which contains 3 internal groups by default. What’s the size of the database (.dtBase2) in the Finder?

I copied it to my local machine, but unfortunately it has only 7 kb! But in iCloud I have still 158 objects. I created the database early in Febr.

Where exactly did you spot this number?

I can see it on the mobile version3 - that there are 174 (sorry not 158) objects in the database. Is there a possible to recover from Devonthing Go 3

so the iCloud is a sync from my NAS database

First, please disable the sync location in the preferences of DEVONthink To Go 3 to ensure that this copy remains the way it is. Afterwards trash the empty database on the Mac and try to import it from the iCloud sync store. Does this work?

ok, but how can I do that. Can you please describe me the steps how to import it from the iCloud?

If the database was closed & trashed on the Mac first, then it should appear in Preferences > Sync under Remote Databases after selecting the iCloud sync store. Then use e.g. the contextual menu to import the database.

sorry, I’m totally lost - do you hava a screenshot which explains that?

  1. Open Preferences > Sync
  2. Select the iCloud sync store on the left side in the list of sync locations
  3. The right side lists local & remote databases
  4. Under Remote Database should be your databases listed. Otherwise please post a screenshot of your setup.


it’s back - I got it. Thank you so much!

Great to hear that you could fix the issue. By the way, sync stores are not recommended as the only backup, additional backups are highly recommended (e.g. Time Machine, cloud backups, external drives etc.)