Open Document support ?

It seems that DevonThink Pro does not currently import Open Document formats (ODT/ODF). Since I have a lot of documents in this format, and that the format itself is not proprietary, will import of ODT/ODF documents be added to a future version ?

I would like to see Devon Technologies embrace open document standards a bit more.


I remember looking at this a while ago. The problem with any standard is that you will still need to write code to convert it to something that (in our case) the Cocoa text classes can handle. What I did see was open source code to convert it to HTML, this would be feasible as a temporary workaround and may appear in a future version. All this won’t be happening before version 2 though.

I agree that it would be great if more Mac developers would take this standard seriously instead of inventing their own XML schemas. It would make everybody’s lives easier.