Open document/window shortcuts: apple-1 -2 -3 -4...

One feature I always found extremely useful, was an automatic shortcut generation with subsequent numbering for open windows.

BBEdit for instance does this: A newly opened window gets the shortcut apple-1. Open another new window, and it will be assigned to apple-2… you get the idea. This is very convenient for fast toggling between open documents.

In DTPro I often happen to have a lot of windows open at the same time. Ofcourse I can toggle between them using different approaches, like the windows menu or using expose. However, shortcuts would be way faster and more convenient. At least for me, that is. Anybody else?

I noticed, some of the suggested apple-number shortcuts are already in use by other commands like “copy/paste ruler” etc. in the format menu. Anyway, I would like to encourage the DT-Team to consider the use of these shortcuts for even better purposes :wink:



There are already system-wide shortcuts to toggle between windows of an application, e.g. Cmd-< and Cmd-> (I’m not sure if non-German systems use the same shortcuts).

Stupid me! :blush: I did it again! I admit to not have known this shortcut. Its not exactly what I was asking for (because it cycles instead of directly jumping) but it sure speeds things up considerably.

Thanks a lot, Christian