Open/edit/save documents in other apps (Pro package)

Does this mean I can search for a file in DTTG and then open it from directly there with a third party app? Fi. a pages file with Pages or a .MD file with IA Writer?

Anything stored in DTTG can be located in the iOS Files App or from within applications that use the iOS document picker (that little mini version of the Files App). From the Files App or document provider, apps that support “Open In Place” (both Pages and iAWriter do) can open, edit, and save files without making duplicates or moving them.

Hmmm, that seems standard functionality to me. Since the Pro Package description explicitly mentions “open/edit/save documents in other apps” I was wondering what was meant by that.
Can anybody explain that to me?

It’s just as Scott mentioned. Apps accessing the Document Provider can look into a DTTG database and open files in place without having to make copies.

Ok, I haven’t been clear I suppose.

In DTTG I can open files in the database from the Files app and the picker.
I was wondering if I should buy the Pro Package so I checked the comparison here … rison.html
This mentions Open/edit/save documents in other apps as one of the thing I get when I buy the Pro package, so I was wondering what exectly was meant by that.

The document provider should only be available if the Pro Pack has been purchased. You haven’t?

Oooops, this is gonna cost me money :frowning:

No, I have not bought the Pro Package
To be sure we’re talking about the same thing I have added a screen shot

In DTTG, select Help > Contact Us to start a support ticket. Thanks.