Open excel in DTPO and save as different name

I have a number of excel files which are imported to DTPO directly. If I open any one of the excel files in DTPO for editing but then save the file as another name, the new file does not appear in DTPO. Is there a way to resolve this issue. It is quite common to open a spreadsheet of word document and need to save it as a newer revision of the same work?


In this case, the newly saved file in probably stored in the database package, but is an “orphan”. If you run Verify & Repair, then DEVONthink will find it and place it in a group in your database called “orphans”.

So, DEVONthink does not automatically detect files saved this way. You could

  1. From Excel “Save As…” to the global Inbox in the Finder sidebar, then relocate it, or
  2. Save to the Desktop and then drag the file into your database and group, or
  3. Use and indexed folder in the file system for your files, and save the file back to that indexed folder, and use “Update indexed items” to refresh DEVONthink’s knowledge of what’s in that folder, or
  4. If you know in advance that you will be creating a new instance of the file, then duplicate it in DEVONthink and open the duplicate to edit in Excel, or
  5. Similar to #4, open the original, edit it, save it (will update in DEVONthink), then duplicate the file and open it in Excel.

I make lots of versions of Excel or Word files and generally do #3 for files stored in OneDrive, or #4.

I used to use indexed folder, so #3 is what I used, too.
Just experimenting to import the files directly and see how things work. #4 is what I am using now.
Thank you for sharing.