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I am not seeing where to change my prefs in DTPO so that when I double click on a document, It will open in that documents native app? Because DTPO has good built in editors It wants to open the document in DTPO. But when I am editing a document and I want more than I already can see in DTPO, I want to open the document in It’s native app.

I can now right click and say open with … But I want to change this behavior so that I don’t have to right click and use the open with menu. I just want to go into It’s native format and edit It farther. How is this possible? Thanks.

There is an icon you can put on the toolbar that looks like the standard OS X icon for “application” and whose action is “open in external editor or viewer”.

What “external” means depends on how you’ve configured “Open With” for that type of document in Finder’s Get Info panel

If you like keyboard shortcuts, ⇧⌘O (Data > Open With)does the same as the toolbar icon. In both cases, the internal editor is bypassed.

Thanks but, that is what I am saying, I can’t do that. Maybe I have something configured in preferences that I need to change? When I use your suggestions, open on the menu bar, option-O, or double clicking, It always opens in a DTPO window and not in the original app window.

Trying different ideas, I can use shift-option-O and that will work. Wondering still if there is a way that I have It configured this way?


double-clicking a file opens the file in DEVONthink’s viewer
cmd-o opens the file in DEVONthink’s viewer.
cmd-shift-o opens the file in the default external application (as defined by the OS).

A toolbar icon can be added to open the selected file in the default external application.

Beyond adding or removing the toolbar button, there is no customization that can be done.

Are you not seeing the behaviours outlined above?

(For the record, I’d love for the default double-click behaviour to be configurable between opening within DT and opening with the external application!)

Yes, I mistyped my original note. It is ⇧⌘O that opens in the external app. It is the same as this menu item – ⇧⌘O always opens the “Default” item listed in the menu.

(BTW, it is command-O not option-O.)

If you use that menu command or the ⇧⌘O shortcut and the item opens in DEVONthink instead of the external editor then you’ve either used the wrong command or shortcut, or you’ve configured the Default “Open WIth” in Finder to open RTFs (for example) in DEVONthink. It’s possible to tell Finder that files should open in DEVONthink. Make sure you look at an RTF file in Finder, open Finder’s Get Info, and check out the “Open With” assignment.

I have my option and command keys reversed (hackintosh built), AND I use a Microsoft split keyboard so my keys are not properly branded so I mix up the modifier key names quite often - the names, not how to use them. :open_mouth: Good call to check the “always open with…” in Finder info. I will check that out was well.

I will really love this to be built in. This is the one thing stopping me from purchasing DevonThink.

If this is the one thing, you’re missing most of the functionality of DEVONthink. :smiley:

I agree, but… I’d love to the default double-click behaviour to be configurable between opening within DT and opening with the external application!

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Am I missing something here as when I want to open something with its native app all I do is right click and select ‘Open With’ it is as easy, (some might say easier) than double clicking; certainly it would not prevent me buying DEVONthink, that is if I were not already a long-term very happy user! :smiley:

Same here, although I only use Open With when I want to open the document in an app other than the default application for the document. Otherwise, I’m using the keyboard, Command-O to open the document in DEVONthink, Command-Shift-O to open the document in the default external application.