Open folders from Sorted

Is it possible to open items by double-clicking on them in the Sorter? It could be very useful, because it’s the faster way to run Devonthink and open necessary folder (like in Together application - you can click in sorter and folder will open in the main window).


PS Also iPhone app would be a great feature!

This is the quote from Devonthink pro help.
In your quote this feature is available in pro office.
Do I need to upgrade or you’ll add this feature to the pro version?

Or, sorry, it works in pro version
It’s little bit strange - contextual menu is different if I click on icon (there’s no “Open group”) and on group name below icon…

That what I was looking for

doubleclicking would be useful in future versions

The online help reflects the app you use. Since the Pro version uses the Sorter it is equally applicable there. Just give it a try!