Open in … Evernote

Should "Open in … " work with Evernote? I was testing this, and it doesn’t seem to work. I just get an indefinitely spinning cursor.

Open In > Import with Evernote worked here.

What is the difference between “Evernote” and “Import with Evernote”?

That would be an Evernote question.

The note is imported as a file, instead of as text. Is that by necessity?

Again, that would be a question for Evernote. We don’t control how they import items.

Seems a little bit like a deflection. Surely DT has some control over how the data is made available.

It’s not a matter of how DTTG makes it available, it’s a matter of what Evernote does to the data on their end. Why would DEVONtech have any insight into that? Maybe this would help.

OK, here’s their reply: … ?r=2531999

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I keep getting this message with all but the simplest post:

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If Evernote is importing an html file from a formatted text note, I imagine that DTP has something to do with it

Native Evernote notes are merely HTML files (with proprietary elements), just as a Formatted Note is (without the proprietary elements).

The Open In menu item provides the file as it is including a UTI (uniform type identifier) that identifies it as e.g. plain text, HTML, or RTF. Then it’s up to the receiving application to do with the data whatever it deems appropriate.

As for Open In > Evernote and Open In > Import to Evernote: The latter is added by iOS itself as soon as an app advertises that it accepts certain file types. When you activate it, the file’s path/URL is sent to the app and, again, it does whatever it thinks is most appropriate.

The source app, in this case DEVONthink To Go, does not even receive any information about where the data is sent. Welcome to sandboxing: Apps are clearly separated with a semi-permeable membrane (API) between them. What’s happing on the other side is like beyond an event horizon: only those on the other side know for sure.