Open in Tabs problem

I can’t seem to get Open in Tabs to work. It always opens a new window instead. “Enable tabbed browsing” is checked in preferences. I’ve turned it off and on, restarted, etc. Tabs are working in other programs, so I think something isn’t sticking with my DEVONthink preferences. Any advice?

Thanks, Korm. Files open in tabs as you say but I want windows in tabs. I think I remember doing that in the past, but perhaps I’m imaging it. That’s what I thought was meant by “tabbed browsing.” Can you clarify?

Window tabs aren’t a feature of DEVONthink. They’re a feature of the operating system.

Go into System Preferences > Dock and set Prefer tabs when opening documents to Always.
This will open double-clicked groups and File > New Window in a window tab (which is not a document tab).

Well, look at that! Exactly what I wanted and in the process, I gained new understanding of DEVONthink file tab nuances. Thank you to the forum gods. You know who you are. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. Cheers!

I’ve done as instructed, but to no avail. It is still opening in a new window in DTP, even though it works just fine in the Finder.

It is still opening a new window for what?

Yes. But I have restarted the Mac and now it works again. I just thought it was odd, that it would keep opening new windows instead of tabs even though I had not changed any settings and it would still work correctly in the Finder.