'Open in' then 'export back in' as PDF

When I have a Numbers document or a MacDraft drawing (as random examples) in DT3, I often want to ‘send as PDF’.

I’ve tried the route in the manual: opening in their native apps and going Print>PDF>(dropdown menu)>Save to DevonThink3 and it works, but it produces very different results than using Export…>PDF from within those apps to export to my desk top (i.e not to DT3)
The formatting result is very different with multiple pages for a Numbers document for example where if I had exported it via Export…>PDF it will produce a single page as expected. Same with MacDraft.

Is there a different route to export a PDF into DT3?


Print to PDF is a very different mechanism than export options an application may offer. So yes, exporting from the native application in cases of proprietary files is suggested.

Do note you can export the the Global Inbox by selecting Inbox in the Finder’s sidebar when exporting.

Hi Jim…Yes! perfect solution. Thanks.

No problem :slight_smile: