"Open in two windows DT3" script works only in one of my devices

When I chose Script menu > Edit > Open in two windows DT3,
it works only in my Macbook Air M1, but not in my iMac.

I reinstalled the script, restarted DT3, even reboot my system, but nothing happens in my iMac.
The only thing I see after choosing that script is that “Synchronize the current database” icon on the top toolbar blinks, and that’s it.

Any idea about this weird behavior?

What OS are you running in the iMac?

Big Sur 11.5.2 (both the iMac and the Air)

It’s possible you may find something of interest in this recent thread (starting at the post to which I’ve linked). It does get a little technical at times, though. :roll_eyes:


I’ll have a look at it! Thanks!