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After a long search of the forum, still no answer.

I’m making an RTF reading note that uses @Chazzo script for linking to a specific line in a pdf file I’m reading in a different window (think window?). Now, when I click the link in my notes window, it works fine but opens the pdf in the main window, not the one I’m reading. Open in tabs does not work (preferences configured correctly).
Can I force the link to open in the pdf window I’m reading?

Thank you, Yuval

A good question, which I’ll leave to someone with more knowledge than me. When we create the link we can certainly identify the PDF window. But without using another script I’m not sure we can force the link to open in a particular window, especially at a later time when that window might not be open. I think you might end up with more windows than you want! However, there are experts here who I’m sure can help.

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Thank you @Chazzo for the quick response.
Like you said, I hope one of the experts here could help.

A screenshot of Preferences > General would be useful.

Thanks! The URL of the link would be useful too, clicking on it should usually open the linked item in the same tab/preview pane.


Due to the reveal parameter the document is shown in a main window.

Thank you, @cgrunenberg.
Removing “reveal=1” from the link (and from the script) does allow different behavior, but now the link does not open with the specific string, and that’s the whole point of the script.

What kind of document is linked by this URL?

a pdf

Works fine here using the latest internal build, not sure if it’s an issue of the public release.

What’s that? Can I use it?

No, it’s not yet available.

meaning the link takes you to the exact place in the text in the window where you read your pdf?


so, do you have any suggestions?

assuming it’s a build problem, all you did to make it work was to remove “reveal=1” from the link?

No, both cases work (with/without the reveal parameter).

Thank you @cgrunenberg , I guess I just have to wait for a new release