Open markdown URLs in a browser by default?

The subject line pretty much says it all: is there any way to have DEVONthink open markdown URLs in a browser by default? When I click any web URL that I’ve entered into a markdown document, it navigates to that web content in the same pane. Most of the time I want it to open in my actual web browser instead. Is there any way to change how that works by default rather than having to remember to right-click and open with my web browser explicitly?

In the next release, there will be an option for this in the preferences.

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That’s great news! Thanks!

You’re welcome.

This option is actually already available in version 3.7.2, see Preferences > General.

Indeed. I stand corrected.

Yes! Thank you! Don’t get me wrong: I appreciate the DEVONthink browser, but it’s just not what I want most of the time. Cheers!