Open sorter with predefined options (ie specific format, location etc)

Hi all

i make heavy use of the sorter to capture webpages, quick texts, bookmarks, markdown etc…
this creates a lot of work (well you know in a 1st world problem sorta way :)) with needing to keep changing the specific format, location of each capture…

i started using omnifocus recently and it seems they have a lot of flexibility in using URL schemes to open the omnifocus capture window with pre defined options (tags, location etc)

So i was wondering, can we do something similar with sorter? That is suppose i know im about to capture a bookmark in a bookmark group, can i launch the sorter pre configured like that? Then maybe i can bind a key to each mode (via 3rd part apps such as keyboard maestro) which would make capture much faster…

any thoughts

thx in advance!


You can set a destination parameter in our URL scheme but no you can’t pre-set the Sorter.


wondering what the community thinks of this and if anyone else would find something like this useful?



I would be a heavy user of that possibility as well

@BLUEFROG, did you set the destination of the sorter or in general via the URL scheme?



It’s a parameter of the URL scheme. Nothing to do with the Sorter.

i see, would you mind @BLUEFROG to give one example of such a url i can test?




Gotcha, perfect thx!