open tabs lost after forced quit

DAP 3.9.1
Had about 10 tabs open, but didn’t check the app for several days. Came back to it and Activity Monitor said it was “not responding”, so I forced it to quit. Restarted and all the tabs I had open are lost, and Open Recent is empty.

Were these URLs stored somewhere in a plist I can restore from a backup and get the lost tabs back?


Unfortunately not, otherwise the tabs would have been restored.

I frequently close Devon Agent with tabs that are restored when I reopen the app. So there must be a record of them somewhere. I can pull that file from backups if I know what and where it is.

The last state is stored in the preferences (~/Library/Preferences/com.devon-technologies.agent.plist).

Note that abnormal termination of a process will not exit gracefully and property lists won’t be updated as they are with proper terminations.