Open text notes in different external app?

How can I change the default external app used for editing text notes? I don’t see it in preferences.   I want to edit text/html in emacs and instead of TextEdit.

DT just uses the default applications of OS X and therefore you could try to use the Finder to specify a different default application. However, a future release will provide an "Open With" command.

How do I use the finder to specify a different application for the notes created in DT?

Open With is close to what I’m looking for, but ideally I’d like to be able to open a note in emacs or bbedit or whatever with a hotkey, and not have to choose the specific app from the Open With dialog each time.

Just select a file in the Finder of the same kind (e.g. a plain text or RTF document), open the info panel, open the outline "Open With" and choose the desired default application.

OK, now I can open the notes externally in Emacs, but the changes I make are not reimported into DT automatically.  Perhaps I’ve been asking the wrong question. What I want to do is to manage all my notes, shell scripts, HTML snippets, etc in DT, but still have the option of using a more comfortable editor for longer, or more complex things.  I’d like the transition from DT to editor and back to DT to be as simple as possible, to maintain a good workflow.  I suppose for now I can cut & paste the next text back into DT, but that is less than ideal.

External editing will also be added to future release (maybe v1.9 but probably v2.0).