Open to specific database and folder?

When I open DTTG I get the page that lets me choose the Database to open, then it’s two more clicks to get to the list of Folders in that a database. Is it possible to open DTTG to a specific folder in a specific database without having to choose it each time?

You could long-press a group in DEVONthink To Go and add it to the Favorites. Then you can access it in the Favorites global smart group in DEVONthink To Go’s Home screen.

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good idea - thanks.

You’re welcome

Hi!, I tried that on both my iPad Pro and iPhone 11pro and long pressing a group only shows info and copy link.

What am I missing? :slight_smile:


Looks like you are using an older version of the app or iOS that doesn’t support Context Menus.

Either way, I believe Jim misspoke when he said to long press to add to Favorites. You add to Favorites by swiping left and selecting the gray menu with the … ellipses.

Yup that worked thx!

Also using 2.7.7 , is there a newer version??


I suppose I spoke too soon, there will be a newer version…

Haha! Yeah. Answering the forums in bed when half asleep… :roll_eyes::stuck_out_tongue:

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