Open two windows with the same pdf document

I’m pretty sure there’s a way to do this and I’m just missing it.

I have a pdf of a document in a preliminary stage of development. Text first, then tables and figures and legends at the end of the file. I find it convenient to read and annotate such documents with two windows open, one with the text and the second with the figures so that I can look at the figures as they are referred to in the text without flipping pages.

I have the pdf open but I can’t seem to find a way to open a second window with it. The Windows menu doesn’t have the option and the File -> New Window menu only lists the database and the current folder (in three pane mode).

Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Tom S.

It’s not supported; see:

how to have two instances of same page visible?

It might be discussed in other threads, too.

A possible workaround is to open a window in Preview, one in DEVONthink.

Thanks to both of you. This will work well.

Tom S.