OPen TXT by default with other Editors

I don’t like the internal Texteditor, when i double click on a text note, neither for viewing PDF"S.

The DTPO doesn’t auto-save when working on texts, and the PDF-Viewer is not very confortable, as it opens a little window only and you have to click on the window-items to maximize it.

How can i force DTPO to open TXT in Cleanwriter Pro (my default TXT-Editor in Finder) and PDF’S in Apples Preview?

These are set as defaut applications for TXT and PDF in the right click-menu, but DTPO doesn’t mind and opens them in his own editor.


Command-Shift-O (oh) should always open a file in the default editor assigned to any file type. Are you sure the defaults are assigned correctly?

Are you saying that if you select an editor in Open With, DEVONthink ignores your command and opens the file in its internal text editor?


if i open with right click and say “open in”, of course, it opens in the external app that i defined as “default”.

But i would like DTPO to open the document in this app on a simple “double click”, without any other keyboard input. (As if it were in the Finder and not inside DTpo)

Is this not possible?

Thank you

Nope. Not today. For now, the shortcut I posted above is the way to go.

thank you. So i will try to remember the shortcut Command-Shift-O and hope that in a future version, double click will be enough.