Open Up Word on Devonthink: Save does not save work but Save As does


All my work was lost as the ‘Save’ functionality did not work with the Word documents that I opened up in DEVONThink.

I opened the documents in DEVONThink
I did work on the documents.
I saved the work using the ‘Save’ button on the toolbar only to realize that documents were not being saved. This was done on several documents at different times.

The ‘Save As’ functionality does save the files

It seems to work now…not sure why it did not Save my documents earlier…I lost all my work…

What “Word documents that I opened up in DEVONthink” ?
Word documents can’t be edited in DEVONthink.
Can you clarify?

Thanks BlueFrog.

I Created a folder in Devonthink.
Dragged some Word documents into it.
Opened up the Word documents in two steps. 1] Double click on document in Devonthink 2] click on the top left hand corner icon that says ‘Open Document in Microsoft Word’

The document opened up fully from which I did my work and saved it.

Upon my discovering, the save function never saved any of my work…for two files on two different days.

If Word didn’t tell you that it can’t save, then it must had saved it in other file. So, it may be that your work is saved somewhere else, find it with spotlight.
I had such issue with Word 2016 a couple times, restarting DT helped, but Word always warned if it couldn’t save a doc… Rare and old issue, don’t remember it with v.3