open windows on startup

Is this the right place to offer feedback on the performance of version 2?

First, it seems terrific - thanks!

Also, I have set the “Open windows that were open on quit” option in Preferences, but only 1 of the previously open windows opened on the next startup. I’m running OS X 10.5.6 on an iMac.

Have you designated a database as default? See if that helps restore the windows last open.

Can you designate more than 1 database as the “default database?”

I just tried this and I can only designate 1 default database (which makes sense to me). And only the default database is opened at launch time. As such, the “Open windows that were open on quit” seems to apply to the view of the default database, and doesn’t mean that > 1 database will be opened.

Can this be clarified? It’s either a bug or something that should be documented so we know it’s expected. I admit it may already be documented and I should RTFM, but I wouldn’t be a good forum denizen if I read the manual in its entirety would I? :smiling_imp:

Right. I found this out the other day and was a bit miffed but didn’t report/complain about it since I found out just after b7 came out (with the sidebar). I’m not sure if is used for two things (determining default destination and db loaded at startup)… if it is, I can live with having only one default. If not, though, I’d definitely like to be able to select multiple databases to launch at startup.

(Of course, they might have done this for performance reasons too…)