Open with default application by double-click


How can I open a document(pdf,doc,…) with default application by double-clicking the file name?
When I double click, the doc is opened with DT viewer and I need to push or choose the option to open external application.
Is it possible to do that? I couldn’t find that option in preferences.



Double-clicking a PDF in a database view will continue to open it within the database, as is the case for other filetypes such as plain or rich text, HTML, WebArchive and those capable of being displayed by Quick Look.

Future releases of DEVONthink will add more capabilities to annotate PDFS directly within the database. Currently, pages can be reordered or deleted, and pages moved from one PDF to another, allowing mergers.

The toolbar can hold an “Open Externally” icon. When a document is selected, that toolbar command displays the external parent application as defined in the Finder. If one wishes to use a different external application, the contextual menu option, “Open With” will present a choice of available applications with which the document can be opened outside the database.

The DEVONthink working environment allows one to open and work with documents of differing filetypes within the database rather than having to switch among multiple applications to review, for example, documents in a search result or See Also list. Personally, that was one of the strongest attractions of DEVONthink when I first came across it some six years ago. Commonality of information content is much more important than differences in filetypes. So the default mode of the Open or double-click command should be to open a document within the working environment. Yet a single mouse-click can open the document under it’s external application for editing.