Open with DEVONthink v3 - Howto?

Usually Spotlight does a very good job of finding my stuff.
Most of the time it’s some document that sits in DEVONthink.

With v2, I would just righ-click and select open with / in DTPO.
I can’t seem to get v3 to open a document this way. (right-clicking)

How can I fix this (missing) behaviour?

Thanks for helping out!

Works fine over here

Select a “DEVONthink Document” in Finder. Open Finder’s Get Info. Change the “Open With” setting to “DEVONthink” and choose “Change All…”

Screenshot of Finder (3-13-20, 3-16-17 PM)

Korm, thanks for replying.
Are you on Catalina?


What’s the file extension of the found file? It’s possible that it’s an obsolete Spotlight metadata cache of version 2.

I will try to look into this when it reoccurs.
I first need to get the other machine (other post) running again.