Open With vs Double-Clicking

Is there a difference between Open With and double-clicking a file if it launches an application outside of DTPO?

I have OmniOutliner documents in DTPO, and I get the same result if I Open With or double-click the .oo3 files. I want to make sure there isn’t a background result I’m unaware of if I were to open, edit, and save these files with Open With or double-clicking.

This question is also meant for any application that behaves this way.

There is on difference. If DEVONthink can work with a file internally (like RTF, etc.) it will open in DT. Files that only have QuickLook support for viewing (like an OmniOutliner file) will open with a double-click or an open with.

Awesome! Thank you for clarifying this. :slight_smile: