open x-devonthink-item links in main window

opening DT links from other applications opens the linked-to file in a separate window.

Is there a (hidden?) option to always open them in the main/frontmost window?

Thanks for your help!

Not a hidden option, but a command parameter.


(Note: This is in the documentation.)

This is one of those menu commands that would be nice to have toggle when the option key is held down (e.g. Move to Trash, + option key becomes Move All Instances to Trash).

Thank you very much for your responses!

I would also very much like the possibility to

  • hold a modifier key when copying the link to get that format and/or
  • set this as the default link format

You could easily write a script to do this.

tell application id "DNtp" to set the clipboard to (reference URL of (item 1 of (selection as list)) & "?reveal=1")

Paste that into Script Editor and you can save this in ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Scripts/Toolbar to add it to your Toolbar.

You can also add three underscores and Command Key abbreviations (Cmd, Ctrl, Shift, Alt) a hyphen and another key to create your own hotkey. For example, you could save it as it as Copy Reveal Link___CmdCtrl-F9.