OpenDocument is an unknown file format?

When I import an OpenDocument style document, the log pops up in the background and informs me that I’ve just imported an unknown file format.

Sometimes, I need to work on spreadsheets on my iPhone, and it’s really difficult to find the right application to use. Most every office suite wants you to use their own cloud to sync your documents, like WPS Office that I"m trying out now, and DTTG and iCloud work fine for me. iWork on the phone doesn’t have an easy to use interface, although it probably would be fine if I was using an iPad. NeoOffice can save to MS Office by default, but they warn on every document save, to save to OpenDocument format. It’s really annoying and by design there are no settings to turn the warning off.

A few of my documents need richer text, for instance when I want to indicate a Terminal command in a monospaced font. If I were to store that kind of document as a Markdown document, I’d need to not select the tiny ticks on either side of the command. That’s hard to see and easy to forget. For most documents that need to be edited, Markdown is fine.

A style document?

Perhaps I phrased that wrong: I meant an OpenDocument (text, spreadsheet, presentation) document.

the more I think about it, and because I’m using a Mac that likes iCloud, I’m just going to use Numbers and Nisus Writer. DT is so much better than the Finder for organizing and finding content in documents that it’s not even an option to use anything else.

Thanks for listening, BlueFrog.

You’re welcome.
We’ll have to check on the OpenDocument formats.