Opening a browser in DT

When I open an original link of a document stored in DT, the browser will start I have chossen in Safari as default browser. That can be Devonagent but it also can be Safari (my default browser ist Safari). Now I would like to use Safari as my default browser, only in DevonThink I want to use DevonAgent. Unfortunately there is no contextmenu that asks me what browser has to start (DT Pro). My default browser is Safari (because there is much more functionalty in it than in DevonAgent) but when I work with DT I want to use DevonAgent because DA is better adapted to DT.

How can I get a solution for using DevonAgent, when I come from DT, but having Safari as default browser in the system?


The contextual menu of Web views (e.g. if you’re viewing a HTML page or just a link) contains “Open page/frame/link in DEVONagent” commands. In addition, the “Open with…” menu (see “Data” menu or contextual menu after right clicking on HTML/link item) should list DEVONagent too.


we missunderstood: It´s not the problem with a web view, it is a problem with clicking on the webadress as i marked in the screenshot. Clicking in that area opens tje browser I set in the safari preferences. But I only want to open the marked link in DevonAgent (but I want to leave Safari my default browser for all other actions outside DT)


But right- or control-clicking in the web view (below the web address) should open a contextual menu including the “Open page/frame/link in DEVONagent” commands - that should be at least a workaround.

Christian, I have the same problem as MichaelHD.

For instance: When I imported a WebArchive from DevonAgent it is possible to right-click below the web-Adress opening a contextual menu with the possibility to “Open page/frame/link in DEVONagent”.

When I imported the document using the Services Menu “New RTF- Memo” it’s not possible to open the original link directly with DEVONagent (using Safari as default Browser).

What am I doing wrong?


Actually nothing. But V1.1 will include some improvements, e.g. using the DEVONagent toolbar item or the Tools > DEVONagent menu item will open the URL of the currently visible document in DEVONagent (or just launch DEVONagent if the document has no URL).