Opening a Document by Clicking on a saved DevonThink Item Link

I am copying an Item link from DT3 and then pasting it into an OmniFocus note.

When I click on the the link, (open the link) in Omnifocus it opens the the item in a new document window but not within the original DT3 window.

Is there a way of having it open as a document within the main DT3 window ?


As noted before in the forums, add ?reveal=1 to the end of an item link to show it in its current location.
This is also fully covered in the Help > Documentation > Automation > Item Links** section.


Thank you @BLUEFROG for your help and quick reply.

Here is what I am doing and it is still opening in a new window x-devonthink-item://AD86FD73-2010-4C36-B2F0-3E51F2C2EF71?reveal=1

Am I missing something?

You’re welcome.

Aa new window will be opened but it will be a main window with the file selected in its current location when you use the reveal parameter. Otherwise a document window for the file is opened.

This is what I just tried. x-devonthink-item://FA05262C-F71A-447B-ADB6-4EEB6D228013?reveal=1

I clicked on the link and it always just opens a document window and not a main window with …

Is the file already open in its own window?
Make sure it’s not open in a document window or selected in a main window first.

It isn’t and it even happens when dt3 is not open when I click on the link.

Interesting - I migrated from OmniFocus but I still have OmniOutliner installed. I can’t duplicate the problem. Are you editing the actual link, or the text that you click?

Move your cursor into the underlined link and hit command-K. That should let you edit the target of the link.

Just a wild guess.

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I’m not at my Mac but maybe you are right and I’ll check soon.

:frowning_face_with_open_mouth: this is embarrassing. You were correct.

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