opening a document's enclosing folder

When using the main Search Panel, I’m often more interested in opening a document’s enclosing folder than I am in opening the document itself.

Command-R (= Reveal) gets me half-way, but not only does that still select only the document itself (albeit inside its folder), the command also sends me back to the top window of the database – a window I prefer not to have to keep collapsing folders in, once I’m done with executing a Reveal command. Furthermore, according to how many other documents happen to be in the enclosing folder, the latter may still be at some distance from the document selected by Reveal.

Is there some handy keyboard or contextual way of directly opening the enclosing folder of a document returned in the Search Panel?

If there isn’t, would it be worth implementing such a thing?


As usual this depends on feedback :wink:

One strong vote for adding this functionality!