Opening a new window opens an unwanted group in the item list

Every time I open a new main window, whether by clicking the dock icon or using “option, command, N”, the new window opens with a particular group open in the Item List, as per the screenshot. As you can see, my main group for the different cases I work on is called “Cases”. Within that, I have a group for each case, as well as a “0. Archived” group where I move old cases to that I don’t need to regularly access. For some unknown reason, when I open a new main window, a group within the Archived group called “4. …” is always open, with a group within called “Authorities” open also, which contains various pdfs which fill up much of the screen in the Item List. It’s frustrating because 99% of the time I will be looking to access one of the cases within the “Cases” group, so I have to manually close the Archived group first before finding what I’m looking for.

Is there any reason why this might be happening (presumably something stupid that I have done)? Ideally, I would like all new windows to open up with the “Cases” group open, with all the groups within it closed.

Many thanks.

Development would have to weigh in on this.

The last expansion should be restored. Do you use the current version 3.8.6?

Thanks very much for the responses.

I do use the current version - v 3.8.6 pro edition.

I’ve tried quitting, restarting, etc, but it always opens up with the exact same expansion as per the image.

Let me know what I can do to help you work out why it’s happening.

Quit the app, delete the file ~/Library/Preferences/com.devon-technologies.think3.nsoutlineview.plist and launch it again. Does this fix the issue?

Fantastic – yes, it does. Many thanks once again for the quick solution.