Opening a RTF document in DEVONagent Pro shows an empty page

I was looking for alternatives to textEdit, for opening RTF files on a Mac. The App Store search suggested DEVONagent, which I already had a license for. It’s quite possible I’m doing something simple and wrong, but as far as I could tell DEVONagent (specifically DEVONagent Pro 3.11.1) does not open RTF documents properly (or at all).

Has anyone had success opening RTF documents with DEVONagent?

he App Store search suggested DEVONagent

  1. That would be a lousy App Sotre recommendation.
  2. I’m not seeing DEVONagent listed in a App Store search for rtf.
  3. DEVONagent is not meant for opening RTF files.
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@BLUEFROG no argument there :grin:

Ah, yes, not the obvious kind of App Store search no. I right clicked on an .rtf file and selected Open with App Store… That opened up the App Store with (among many others) DEVONagent listed as an option.

Thanks for the clear answer :smile: