Opening database hangs

I have a critical database that hangs on open, requiring a Force Quit of DT3. Other databases open. Any suggestions?

How long did you wait before using force quit and how large is the database and where is it located? In addition, could you please launch Apple’s Activity Monitor application (see Applications > Utilities), select the frozen DEVONthink 3 in the list of processes, choose the menu item View > Sample Process and send the result to cgrunenberg - at - Thanks in advance!

I think this was a panic situation for me. It eventually resolved. This was a 600 MG database (the dtBase2 file kept on my MacBook Pro), of my Bookends PDFs which are kept on iCloud so the Bookends data is accessible on my iPad. (The DT database is an index only). There are about 900+ PDFs in Bookends.

I had opened it just fine the day before. This time I go spinning beachball and the DT window didn’t open. I eventually noticed a lot of iCloud downloading activity in the Finder (circular download indicator). Since I had just opened and searched this database the day before I’m not sure why all the activity. But as I say, the DT database did open and function fine.

Thanks for the quick follow up. All seems to be well.

Let me just say what a great solution this is, too. Bookends manages my references and organizes my PDFs. Keeping all of them indexed in a DT database gives me the power to search through all PDFs in my research database using the powerful search tools of DT. When researching a new topic, this is an amazing tool.

Thanks for the kind comments and encouragement. It’s very appreciated! :slight_smile:

Are you keeping the PDFs local but letting them sync to iCloud as well? That’s the ideal solution over letting them reside only in the cloud.

Actually I am not, but I like that idea. Does Bookends allow me to do that? I was under the assumption that for PDFs in Bookends to be accessible across all my devices, the PDFs had to be stored in iCloud. (I realize that’s a question for Bookends community, I’ll look into it there too.)

the PDFs had to be stored in iCloud.

Being stored in iCloud can still have them local but just synced to Apple’s servers. If there’s a cloud icon with a downward facing arrow in the iCloud Drive folder in the Finder, it’s only on the servers but can be downloaded. This situation is not ideal for indexing.

As I scan through the Bookends iCloud folder, all PDFs now have a cloud icon, but not the cloud icon with downward facing arrow (I’m familiar with these icons).

But … I do have “Store in iCloud” turned on for Desktop and Documents (in About this Mac > Storage).

I think this was the problem yesterday – PDFs were downloading from iCloud for DT to use. Which is why you’re telling me it’s not ideal for indexing, right?

At this point I’m confused regarding Bookends and storing locally and synced to iCloud. How do I have Bookends store the PDFs in iCloud (which it requires) but also locally? I know that when I attach a PDF to a reference in Bookends, Bookends moves the PDF (typically from Desktop or Downloads folder) to the iCloud Bookends folder.

I do have “Store in iCloud” turned on for Desktop and Documents (in About this Mac > Storage).

We generally don’t advocate this option as it can keep files from being locally available. Even if this option is not enabled, items you put into a folder in iCloud Drive will still sync, i.e., copy to Apple’s servers.

The advantage, of course, to storing Desktop and Documents in iCloud is that my documents are available on my iPad and iPhone, whether or not we’re talking about Bookends and DevonThink.

I’m asking about solutions on the Bookends forum as well.