Opening databases at start

when I open DT it opens all my databases at the same time, is it possible to choose the one that should be opened ? Tyvm

DT should remember the databases you have open when you close it and will thus re-open those when you launch DT the next time. That may be a partial solution to your problem—although I appreciate it’s not an exact answer to the question.

I also use Favourites to list databases to which I wish to have easy access—so that I can open them simply by double clicking on them in the navigator sidebar.


@Stephen_C is correct.
You can always choose File > Close Database > Close All before quitting if you want to start fresh on launch by double-clicking the database in the Finder, putting an alias on your Desktop, or creating an alias in your dock.

Thanks Bluefrog and Stephen for your prompt and useful answers as usual I had not noticed I could do that …

You’re welcome :slight_smile: