Opening documents in default app - strange behaviour

If I select a mark-down file and hit Cmd+Shift+O DevonThink launches Obsidian (without ever opening the file).
If I select a mark-down file and hit the Open Externally icon in the toolbar the file correctly opens in the correct app (Typora).
I’d love to be able to double-click files in DT & have them open in their default apps. Is this possible?
Why is there a difference between the two options described above?

It sounds like you have a hot key set up to open Obsidian. Are you using BetterTouchTool, Keyboard Maestro, etc.?

I use Alfred. Don’t remember setting one up but I’ll have a look.

Also check the Data > Open With submenu. Does Obsidian show the shortcut next to its name?

ok, it was an Alfred workflow. Thank you.
Is there a way to get double click to open in external editor?

See Preferences > General > Interface and check Double-click opens documents externally.