Opening DT text files in TextWrangler

Is this possible? DTPO greys out the “Open in external application” button, and there are no options available in the “Open With” contextual menu.

When I create a template based on a TextWrangler doc or stationary file, DTPO’s log gives me the “Failed” message if I try and open it.

Why is DTPO so averse to opening text docs in anything other than its own editor?
(I have Finder set to open all text files in Texwrangler. The text file icon I see in DTPO is a TextWrangler icon … but I can’t open it in this app.)

I suspect that there is something amiss with TextWrngler or your configuration. I can do all the things you mention that you cannot with TextWrangler’s big brother, BBEdit.

Interesting, thanks Greg. Looks like I’ll have to tinker a bit. For what it’s worth, I’ve never been able to open text files in a separate editor - I’ve attempted this occasionally for a few years, but only now was moved to ask the forum.

OK, a trash and reload of TextWrangler fixed the “Open in external application” issue - but only if it’s a TextWrangler document I import into the database.

  • If I create a new DTPO text file, there are no options to open it in an external editor;
  • If I create a template based on a TextWrangler doc, DTPO won’t open it. As before, I just get a “failed” report in the log.

Any ideas about what’s going on here?

Update on the update:

I can open a TextWrangler template file, it turns out - maybe DTPO needed time to digest it - but then the “Open with” dialogue on the new file defaults to TextEdit. TextWrangler is in the list of alternative editors, though.

If I do a Get Info on the template in the Templates.noindex folder, it is registered to TextWrangler. DTPO doesn’t seem to carry that through to new files in the database.

Not a huge deal, but I’d like to get this working as expected.

Try revealing a .txt document in the Finder, do a Get Info, make sure that ‘Open With’ in the Finder is set to TextWrangler, and then click on the button to "Change All…’ to make TextWrangler the default app for all .txt documents.

Done - see middle par in my earlier comment.

But just to confirm, did you do the ‘Change all…’ step? The Mac OS registers a default application to open documents in, and documents can be changed to open in a different application on a document-by-document basis. If TextEdit is registered in the OS as the default application for .txt files and you set a template document in the Templates.noindex folder to open in TextWrangler, new documents created from that template will still default to open in TextEdit.

As a test, create a new document from the template, select it in DEVONthink, and right-click and select ‘Show in Finder’. Get the info on that document in the Finder and see which application it is associated with. I suspect that it will be TextEdit. If so, change it to TextWrangler and click on the button to Change all’ and confirm the change.

Greg - I certainly thought I’d done the “Change all” drill earlier, but I followed your steps and found success. Thanks!