opening emails

I drag and drop emails to file DTOP this works great. However, when I go to reopen the email and click on the open software option in DTOP the email is opened in MacMail. I need it open in Outlook.

The default on send mail in DTOP works well and is configured correctly to Outlook. I can’t find any other way to tell DTOP to default to opening in Outlook.

Does using cmd-opt-o to open the message open it in Outlook?

Thanks for the reply cmd-opt-o works to open the file in DTOP as a native file. It is when I click on the “A arrow” icon (see screen shot) when it opens in mac mail.

I used this to often times reply or forward an archived email.
Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 3.03.55 PM.png

.eml files have Apple Mail set as the default app to open them with. You need to set it to Outlook in the Get Info pane of an .eml file in the Finder.

Shoot, sorry, my bad, the keyboard shortcut is cmd-shift-o. That is the shortcut for clicking on that stylized “A”, which will open it in the default application (as instructed by BLUEFROG). As you discovered that will be the Mail app unless you change the default.

(funny, I use this hotkey dozens of times per day and yet, I still messed it up)