Opening file in another app and changing its name there leads to error

This is not a bug, I guess, but might merit some words of caution in the user manual.

  • Starting out with a Pages file “File 1” stored in DT (imported!)
  • Open this file in Pages
  • Click on the tab title (i.e. the file name) and change the name to, e.g., “File 2”
  • Save the file with Cmd-S
  • Go back to DT: The original file (“File 2”) is marked as missing, and “File 2” is not there, either.

This behavior differs from what users (or at least I) expect from Pages outside of DT: If they change a file’s name, the document remains at the same location and simply is assigned another name. That’s probably handled by Pages in the background by deleting the original file and creating another one with the new name.

Confirmed behavior though I don’t know if we can do anything about it. @cgrunenberg would know.
OTOH, the file is actually in the internals.
A Verify & Repair would pull it in as an orphan.
Also, if the database is synced, you could likely download the document from the sync location (though no, I wouldn’t rely on this habitually).

In case of internal/imported files only external editing is supported but external apps should never modify the structure inside the database package (including moving, renaming, deleting or saving additional copies).