Opening Import Pane in Sidebar Causes DT3 to Freeze (beachball spin)

DT3 freezes (spinning beach ball) when I open the import pane in the left sidebar and I would like to know how to resolve that.

Contextual information:

  • I have left DT3 on for a while in case the spinning beach ball is just a sign that it is processing a lot, but it never resolves (up to 20 minutes left spinning).
  • Yes, my mail programs have a lot of emails, but I’m not sure why DT is trying to bring in everyone right now, and if it freezes on that pane, I’m not sure how to remove the linkages to the email programs to make it stop doing that.
  • I am aware that there is a previous thread from May 2020, but it did not resolve the issue. I did grant full access to DT3 as suggested, no resolution. I was not able to remove Apple Mail or Outlook from the DT3 (or disconnect them, revoke access, whatever).
  • I am running Macbook Pro M1, all software updated to most current version.

By the way, I am really enjoying Devonthink. Amazing resource!!

DEVONtech typically ask that freezing crashes should be reported via their ticket system, including a sample of the process (Activity Monitor > select the unresponsive DEVONthink 3 in the list of processes, choose the menu item View > Sample Process).

Welcome @austinkocher and thank you for the kind and encouraging comments! We really appreciate them :slight_smile:

You can’t remove either Apple Mail or Outlook (if an installation is detected).

  • What email client are you trying to import from?
  • Have you launched the email apps before opening the View > Import sidebar?
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Thanks for the help.

Okay, I see that my Outlook and Apple Mail app icons will remain in the sidebar as an option in the import panel. That’s totally fine, great, really.

I am not trying to import anything, the “freezing up” just happens the moment that I click on the “import” icon in the left panel. I don’t even have to click anything else.

Both Outlook and Apple Mail are open when this happens.

I keep wondering if it’s just taking a while to index my mail programs? Maybe that’s it? But it’s taking forever and rendering the app totally unusable.

Does DEVONthink have permission to automate Mail and Outlook? (System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Automation)

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You’re welcome and @Blanc’s question would have been my next.

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I have tried the recommendations above, but still facing the issue. Once or twice it seems to have resolved and my emails from Outlook and Mail appeared indexed. But I haven’t been able to get it work again, so I end up having to Force Quit the app. I can’t tell for sure, but it seems like it’s struggling with Apple Mail more than Outlook.

Have you tried doing a Mailbox > Rebuild in Apple Mail?