Opening in Application

I maintain a website for my local drama club and have the files on DevonThink. The trouble is, as they are html files, when I want to open them from DevonThink the only option I have is to open them in Safari - not a web editor. This gives me the options of opening the files from outwith DevonThink or copying the file out of DevonThink onto the DeskTop, opening, saving and copying back in. The first alternative is simpler, but without two-way synchronisation open to having too many versions of the same file. The second alternative is a pain in the wrist. Wouldn’t it be good if an appropriate menu allowed me to choose the application to launch the files?

God Bless

Agreed. Major improvement to the workflow.

Andy: You can save the URL as a bookmark (0 byte) file in DT/DT Pro. Click on it, and the page opens in DT/DT Pro’s browser. You can then capture the Page, edit the HTML code and save the edited version in DT Pro. You should then be able to export or send the page up to your site.

You can even create a Web site in DT Pro. I did a one-click conversion of and early version of the Tutorial Database and posted it on my .Mac site as an example: This worked well, as the Tutorial is structured using links. The 'Welcome" page did it all for creating the Web site.