Opening link to group other than in icon view

  1. Copy item link for a Group
  2. Paste into a markdown file (e.g. [Affidavits and statutory declarations] (x-devonthink-item://A70FD233-1AE4-46F9-A6DA-F3CD393ADBB5)
  3. Open markdown file (Command+O)
  4. Click on link
  5. Window opens with list of files within Group - as set of icons

But not possible to alter view as list, columns, etc - these are greyed out in View menu.

Is it possible to alter this behaviour?

macOS 12.2 - DEVONthink 3, version 3.8.2

No, a document window only got this view.

You could append ?reveal=1 to the link to open it in a main window.