Opening Links (URLs) in Rich Text documents

When I click a link in a Rich Text document, the link opens in DEVONthink Pro. The contextual menu item “Open link” has the same behavior.

I want links to open in my default browser (Safari).

Selecting the link and using the Open URL Service produces a spoof warning in Safari.

Selecting the link and using the Copy Link Contextual Menu item puts the “text of the link” preceded by http stuff (not a valid URL) on the clipboard.

Selecting the link and using the Launch URL toolbar item or Data > Launch URL (control command O) command seems to be the only way to get my desired behavior.

It would be nice to have a preference for choosing how URL are handled



The upcoming third public beta will change the behaviour of the “Open Link” contextual menu command.

You will be able to choose the browser to open a link, in a future release.

Note, however, that as soon as the URL of a page appears in the DT browser’s address field, clicking in the address field will open that page in the default browser.

That’s not a “clean” substitute for your issue, but it’s a behavior to keep in mind if you wish to switch to your default browser for that page, perhaps because the built-in browser can’t handle some characteristic of the displayed page.

The built-in browser isn’t intended to do everything that the leading Mac browsers can do. It’s strength is a very rich set of options for capturing data from Web pages, via Services as well as a suite of contextual menu options. The built-in browser provides more capture options than Safari, and almost infinitely more than Firefox.

If your purpose is to capture data to your database from a set of bookmark documents, e.g., the online journals you routinely access, the built-in browser is optimized for that. If, for example, I wish to capture WebArchives (all or selected portions of a displayed page) of articles in Science Magazine, I look at the current week’s table of contents, Command-click on articles of possible interest to download them into new tabs, then review them for possible addition to my database.

For that procedure, DEVONthink’s browser is at least five times faster than Firefox for capturing the articles to my database. Actually, I usually prefer capturing selected content as rich text notes. Can’t really do that from Firefox.