Opening pdfs in Highlights app

I have my Mac set to open all pdfs in the Highlights app, but when I try to open a pdf from within Devonthink 3 it simply opens it in the DT3 app and not the Highlights. How do I get it to open all pdfs in Highlights, I have searched the web but cannot find an answer. All advice welcome.

Right-click on the document in Devonthink and choose your desired application. The default is as set in the Mac Finder.

FWIW, the Highlights app is not working correctly with DEVONthink v3, in my experience. The feature to export highlights and notes to DEVONthink (and Quiver and some other apps) is not working in the current version of Highlights.

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Many thanks, that option was not actually working on DT3, eventually I had to restart my Mac and it now seems to be working. That is part of my problem, I set it up to open pdfs in Highlights last week and it worked then this weekend it stopped working and stopped giving me options to open them in Highlights, and yes I tried turn off turn on again, it made no difference until just recently!!! Slightly confusing but its working which is the main thing. thanks again

There is an update for Highlights (v1.5.6) in the Mac App Store that fixes the export from Highlights to DEVONthink 3.

When I open an imported “Highlights” summary in DT3 it opens in iXThoughts , can’t get an “Open with ,” box ,
any thoughts ?? its a pain

What’s the filename & extension of the summary and what’s the default app for this file in the Finder?